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Sauna Design Package

  • This process is desinged for clients looking to create something special. 

    Our design process takes you from dream, to a fully custom built sauna for your home. 



    Step 1 - Design Fee, Inspiration and Images 

    • Pay design fee (You are here)
    • Send any design inspiration
    • Send images and video of location prior to Design meeting

    Step 2 - Design Meeting

    • 60 min Zoom meeting or Workshop meeting. 
    • Process questions and concerns
    • Fulfill your aesthetic and design dreams
    • Problem-solve installation as much as possible

    Step 3 - Design Review (1-2 weeks later)

    • Review the design together
    • Make any necessary adjustments and edits
    • Site Visit / Check Measure (Melbourne Metro)
    • Continue to problem solve, ensuring a smooth build process and installation

    Step 4 - Project Overview (1-2 weeks later)  

    • Provide a proposal for the build project
    • Answer any remaining questions you might have about the build process.  

    Step 5 - Getting Started with Your Build!

    • On acceptance of the proposal a 50% deposit invoice will be submitted.
    • A delivery date will be discussed and materials organised. 


    All design costs related will be removed from the job total.

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